Product Information

  • Product is designed/tested to meet the requirements of IP67, Mil-Std-810F (basic rating), and ANSI FL1
  • Product can be used in any power outage or an emergency type application
  • Product is ideal for any rigorous recreational activity : boating, camping, hiking, etc.
  • Product is ideal to keep in your vehicle’s glove compartment for a road emergency
  • Product can power many small home appliances on an emergency need basis (USB Capable)
  • Product can be used to send an SOS distress signal in an emergency situation
  • Product has a map light for inside of a car or tent for ease of reading purposes
  • Product has a lamp beam as much as 10 times stronger in direction and area as a regular flash light
  • Product has a light strobe which may be used for attacker disorientation – animal or person
  • Product recharges a cell phone (including an iPhone®)

Lanyard, Reverse USB “A” “to USB “Mini” Adapter, included plus access to Customer Service information included in product package.